AirMessage Cloud

We're proud to be delivering AirMessage Cloud to the AirMessage community. Bringing a brand new web interface and zero-configuration setup, AirMessage Cloud marks a monumental leap forwards in making iMessage more powerful and accessible.

For everything new in AirMessage Cloud, please take a look at our announcement post.

Email updates

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Account registration

AirMessage Cloud is currently running under an early access program. To join the program and access AirMessage Cloud features (such as AirMessage for web and Google sign-in), please register your account here.

Software links and setup

New to AirMessage?

Take a look at our new install guide for instructions on getting set up.

Existing AirMessage user?

After installing AirMessage Server Beta, please open up AirMessage Server's preferences window, and select Receive beta updates and confirm to continue receiving updates over the period of the beta.

To use AirMessage Server with AirMessage Connect, click Switch to Account and sign in to enable access to your server with your Google account.

A highlight around 'receive beta updates' and 'switch to account' in AirMessage Server preferences

If you're a previous user of AirMessage for Android, you'll have to switch it over to your account as well. Open up AirMessage for Android's settings menu, scroll down to the Server section, and select Switch to account.

A highlight around 'switch to account' in AirMessage for Android settings

Once that's out of the way, you're good to go. Check out the new AirMessage for web or AirMessage for Android using the links above, and tell us what you think!