About the developer

AirMessage is developed and maintained by Cole Feuer, an 18 year-old developer from Ottawa, Canada.

With a perpetual love for computers and technology, I’ve always loved building software that’s both effective and beautiful. Starting out as a passion project, I’m really happy to have been able to bring AirMessage to where it is today, and look forward to where it will go in the future.

I currently work as a mobile application developer in the healthcare industry, though I’m always looking for new opportunities. If you want to get in touch, please reach out to me at the following address:


AirMessage is also supported by Dhruv Sachdeva, a consultant and recent grad from Philadelphia.

I enjoy blending innovation and human-computer interaction, aiming to deliver a polished, enjoyable user experience. I’m proud to see AirMessage unify the communication disparity between Android and iPhone, keeping the conversation open for all.

Bridging technology and business as a consultant in financial services, I have prior experience with cybersecurity and IoT in the healthcare industry. I’m always open for discussion! Reach me at:

Dhruv Sachdeva

About AirMessage

How does AirMessage work?

As Android phones and web browsers aren’t allowed to connect to iMessage, AirMessage leverages a Mac computer to handle sending and receiving messages instead.

Every message you send from AirMessage is sent to AirMessage Server on your Mac, which is then sent over iMessage. When a new incoming message is received from iMessage, that message is then sent back to your devices.

Is AirMessage secure?

AirMessage was designed to be secure from day one.

Messages are always transmitted through secure tunnels while in transit, and AirMessage Server is designed to keep anyone who is not authorized out.

If you’re connecting directly to your server, AirMessage uses PBKDF2, which combines your server password along with a number of other random factors to keep your messages safe.

If you’re connecting using AirMessage Connect, all traffic is encrypted via TLS, which is the same technology used to secure account passwords and payment details on the internet.

How does AirMessage handle my data?

When it comes to messaging, privacy must be taken seriously.

AirMessage will never collect any of your messaging or contact data. We believe that secure, private communication services should be available to everyone.

AirMessage does utilize third-party services to collect performance and traffic data. In the event of an error in the app, we may collect environment data (such as your IP address, account identifier, and operating system version), as well as any generated app error logs. These logs will never include any personal information.

We try to be as transparent as possible with how we handle user information. You can view the statistics for airmessage.org here: https://simpleanalytics.com/airmessage.org

Does AirMessage sell any of the information it collects?

AirMessage does not sell the information of its users.

We try our best to collect minimal information on our users, and use purely to it to improve our infrastructure and software. Especially in the new age of the internet, we believe that privacy is a right, and continue to uphold this.

Why is AirMessage free?

AirMessage was never designed to make money, but rather to prove what could be done, and to make it available to as many people as possible.

As AirMessage becomes a community project, we hope to keep AirMessage accessible to anyone.

What does Apple think of AirMessage?

I hope they love it! iMessage is an incredible service, bringing together first-class privacy, ease of use, and a handful of neat features. The only thing that holds it back is its lack of cross-platform compatibility.

With AirMessage, I hope that we can show Apple the value in bringing their amazing messaging service to anyone, no matter which device they use.