It's now easier than ever before

Get set up with AirMessage, without the hassle

Posted on Jul 5th, 2021 by Cole Feuer

One of the reasons people love iMessage so much is how easy it is to set up and use. But when it comes to users who want to bridge the gap with AirMessage, changing router settings can be overwhelming.

AirMessage enables the use of iMessage on Android and the web by requiring users to install AirMessage Server on a Mac computer, which will forward iMessage messages to their Android phone or web browser.

Last winter, we launched AirMessage Cloud, a service that would take the hassle of router configuration off of the hands of users, and offer them a more streamlined and secure setup process. Simply sign in to AirMessage with the same Google account, and your devices will connect to each other automatically.

A diagram of AirMessage Cloud

AirMessage Cloud is now available to all new and existing users of AirMessage. If you haven’t tried out AirMessage yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

We’re excited to be bringing AirMessage to even more people, and look to continue making iMessage even more accessible and powerful!