Dear Apple,

As one of the world's most influential companies, Apple has a responsibility to make the right choices that not only benefit their loyal customers, but all those they affect. iMessage as a service is outstanding, but the way it locks people out and degrades their experience is not.

As members of an interconnected digital community, we use all kinds of smartphones share experiences, achievements, and stories. We should be seeking to break down the barriers of communication; not building walls.

From the developer of AirMessage, the community, and those rejected by our blue bubble friends, we join with Google in solidarity that iMessage deserves to be open.

It's time to listen to us. It's time to bring people together. End the green bubble break up.

#GetTheMessage #FreeiMessage

Cole Feuer
Founder & CEO

Let's free iMessage.

iMessage has always been locked down to Apple platforms, disrupting the communication and degrading the experiences of Apple users, as well as Android and Windows users.

We deserve better.

iMessage deserves to be an open ecosystem.

Help us let Tim Cook and Apple know.

Google and Android are on the same page.

See what they have to say here: It's time for Apple to fix texting.

Why is iMessage better than text messaging and other services?

What would happen if Apple opens up iMessage?

Apple or other developers would be able to bring iMessage to Android, Windows, the web, or any other platform.

People would be able to use a secure and powerful messaging service, no matter which device they're on.

Want to discuss more?

Send AirMessage's CEO an email:

Send Tim Cook an email: