No connection when on mobile data or public Wi-Fi

Please note that this troubleshooting guide only applies to users who have configured their connection manually.

There are a number of possible causes for this behaviour. Please take a look below to see if you can find which one you are affected by:

You may be connecting using your private IP address

Did you remember to set AirMessage to connect to your dynamic DNS hostname? You can view and edit your server address under the “Edit server information” option in AirMessage’s settings screen.

Your dynamic DNS provider may be having trouble properly handling your connection

To test this, please take note of your public IP address on your server computer, switch your phone to mobile data, and try connecting from the app using that address. If you can connect, then you may either need to update your DNS settings or switch dynamic DNS providers.

Your port forwarding rule might be out-of-date

Double-check your port forwarding rule on your router interface. Remember:

If you have not assigned your Mac a static IP address, it is also possible that its local IP address has changed, and your port forwarding rule is pointing to an invalid address.

Your firewall may be blocking external connections

Many routers come with security features that filter incoming network traffic. However, these features can sometimes interfere with your ability to connect back to your Mac.

Please double-check your firewall and security settings on your router. Some routers offer logs, which may give you more insight into what’s going on.