No connection when on the same Wi-Fi network as AirMessage Server

Please note that this troubleshooting guide only applies to users who have configured their connection manually.

The recommended solution to this problem is to use a feature called hairpinning, or NAT loopback. This is a feature found on most mainstream routers, and allows you to connect to servers running internally on your network using your network’s public-facing IP address. Check your router for this feature, and enable it if it’s available.

If this feature is not available to you, then you can use AirMessage’s fallback address functionality instead. Open AirMessage on your phone, open AirMessage’s settings, and scroll down and select “Edit server information”. Under “fallback address”, enter your server computer’s local IP address, and follow through the rest of the setup process.

Whenever AirMessage cannot connect to your primary server address, it will use this one instead. In this case, it will fall back to your server’s local IP address when you’re on your home network.